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CSR Raw Sugar

Since 1855, generations of Australians have enjoyed CSR sugars and syrups in their cooking adventures. Perfect for everyday cooking, CSR Raw Sugar is a versatile sugar that adds a soft honey-like flavour to your kitchen creations. Cut from the wholesome sweet juice of natural Australian sugar cane, CSR Raw Sugar is a simple and delicious alternative.

Choosing the right sugar can make all the difference. 

Delicately flavoured, mild and aromatic CSR Raw Sugar brings a warm golden colour and flavour to your favourite recipes.

  • 100% natural
  • Crafted from 100% Australian sugar cane
  • Perfect for baking and cooking

For a spoonful of inspiration visit our recipe page.

Range Availability: 

RawWebTN.png Raw Sugar-1.0kg-1 (TN).jpg Raw Sugar-2.0kg-1(TN).jpg Raw Sugar Sticks-150g-1 (TN).jpg

 500g  1kg      2kg             150g

Available in

Selected supermarkets Australia wide including: Coles, Woolworths and Local Independent supermarkets

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