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CSR White Sugar

Since 1855, generations of Australians have enjoyed CSR sugars and syrups in their favourite baking. Whether you are a baking beginner or an experienced hand, we are right by your side as we bring quality ingredients, like CSR White Sugar, to your kitchen to help you create, sweeten and stir your way through your cooking adventures.

Choosing the right sugar can make all the difference. 

With its pure taste and clean white colour, CSR White Sugar is 100% graded to ensure the crystals dissolve evenly to give you consistent results.

  • 100% natural 
  • Crafted from 100% Australian sugar cane
  • Ideal for general sweetening purposes 

For a spoonful of inspiration visit our recipes page.

Range Availability: 

White Sugar-500g-1 (TN).jpg   White Sugar-1.0kg-1 (TN).jpg  White Sugar-2.0kg-1 (TN).jpg  

  500g     1kg       2kg       

Available in

Selected supermarkets Australia wide including: Coles, Woolworths and Local Independent supermarkets

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