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CSR Treacle

Since 1855, generations of Australians have enjoyed the premium quality range of CSR sugars and syrups. CSR Treacle has a deeper colour than golden syrup, and a stronger, richer flavour. A couple of spoonfuls of rich sticky treacle will add a distinctive colour and taste to your rich dark brown cakes and puddings.

Choosing the right sugar can make all the difference.

CSR Treacle has the highest molasses content of all CSR sugars and syrups giving it an intense mahogany colour, distinctive liquorice flavour and mild smoky aroma.

  • 100% natural
  • Viscous profile and concentrated sweetness
  • Lower freezing point than sugar making it easier to slice and scoop frozen desserts

For a spoonful of inspiration visit our recipes page.

Available in

850g jar - servings per package = 121

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