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CSR Golden Syrup

CSR Golden Syrup is pure liquid gold! Made from 100 per cent natural cane sugar, CSR Golden Syrup adds the authentic taste to traditional Aussie treats. Loved by Australians for generations, CSR Golden Syrup has added a sunny sweetness to the classic Anzac biscuit since the first batch was baked.

CSR Original Golden Syrup is a liquid gold.

The rich, dark blend of cane syrups combine to produce the traditional and distinctive flavour for which CSR is famous.

The perfect baking ingredient for adding moisture, colour and flavour. Gingernuts, Brandy Snaps and Anzac Biscuits are just a few examples of how golden syrup can be used to produce a deliciously rich, chewy result, making it a favourite with Australian families for generations.

CSR Original Golden Syrup is available in an easy-to-use jar, which features a screw top lid, making it easy to hold and convenient to store.

Available in

850g jar - servings per package = 121

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